An Important Update:

Any and all mini Perler bead designs will be determined by what beads are in stock. Perler made me aware of their decision to discontinue all mini Perler beads. Whatever they have left in stock is it, this includes any vendors that are currently selling their brand as well. Once they are out, that is it.

This is the perfect chance for me to invest into the Artkal brand. The plus side being, Artkal has a wide variety of colors already so shading and gradients will be easier to do. The downfall so far is they are based overseas. Bead orders can take up to two or more weeks to receive because it will be international shipping. I will not be able to make a bulk order until February/March 2020. I plan to get ALL of the mini bead colors at once. Until then, Mini Perler Bead designs may cost more, if I have to order more to complete the design.